Gottfried Lindauer Replica Studio

Bohemian born portrait artist, Gottfried Lindauer, had a long association with Woodville. It was here, after living something of an itinerant life painting Maori & European portraits, that in 1890 he built a house and studio on four hectares on Pinfold Rd. Lindauer continued to work until 1918 when his failing eyesight made him something of a recluse. His last years were spent quietly in Woodville and he died on 13th June 1926 aged 87.

In the old Gorge Cemetery beneath the Ruahine Ranges, a small granite tombstone curved in the shape of an artist’s palette marks the resting place of one of New Zealand’s finest portrait painters. The simple insertion reads ‘ Gottfried Lindauer – Artist’

The Lindauer Replica Studio has been built in Vogel St opposite the Tararua i-SITE Visitor Centre. The Studio contains furniture and prints of Gottfried Lindauer’s  paintings.

Opening hours: On request.

Woodville Pahiatua Racing Club

The name Woodville, and outstanding achievements in New Zealand horse racing are synonymous. Some attribute the magic of Woodville to the springy turf that flourishes in the shade of the Ruahine Ranges. Others say it's the mineral rich grass and some say it's the local water. Whatever it is, Woodville attracts the finest trainers and jockeys, who have prepared and raced notable winners throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The origins of the Woodville-Pahiatua Racing Club began in 1883. Since then remarkable horses and horsemen and women have continued to add to Woodville’s long and illustrious racing heritage.
The club hosts five race meetings a year during the season.

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Woodville is also home to a number of equestrians, eventers, and cross-country horse trekking. If you love horses Woodville is your kind of town. Contact the Tararua i-SITE for information
Situated a few kilometres north of town, the racecourse facilities provide an excellent venue for conferences and weddings. Contact the Manager 06 376 5626